In Europe. On Purpose.

We desire to see the gospel transform everything. The gospel is not just another app on the smart phone of your life. It is not a day-planner especially designed for booking up Sundays or a useful tool for choosing smiley friends. The gospel is the Truth about this world and its Maker, and it explains and directs every breath you take. Every itch, every scratch, every word, every minute of every planetary twirl we call a day is filled with meaning by its proclamation. It is the Truth, and it is about everything. This gospel is about all of Christ for all of life for all the world.


We are a family of five–Casey and Jess, Soren, Solomon, and Scarlett–from the American Midwest and now living in Sheffield, England.


Once the land of sending nations, Europe has become a region that is post-modern and post-Christian where less than 2% of the population are evangelicals. In many cities the percentage is less than 0.5%. We must take a fresh look at Europe and realize that it is now of the great challenges in world missions.

Also, Sheffield is home to two of Sojourn’s strategic, international partnerships: The Crowded House and Acts 29  Europe.


We will be partnering with The Crowded House and Acts 29  Europe in supporting roles to further the work of planting churches throughout Europe.


As we read the New Testament, it is clear that church planting was the primary strategy for extending God’s kingdom and fulfilling His missionary mandate. The book of Acts depicts the spread of a church-planting movement throughout Asia and Europe. Almost all of Paul’s letters were written to new churches either he or someone else he knew had started. What would the New Testament look like if church planting hadn’t been a priority of Christ and his apostles? It is hard to imagine, isn’t it? The Apostles saw the expansion of new churches in the world as the pivotal cog through which the life transforming power of God would be transferred to the world. And we do too. This is why we are excited about partnering with The Crowded House and Acts 29 Europe—to serve folks in Europe and around the world.